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Welcome to YI Kolkata,

Development of the Youth & Nation
By The Youth



- Yi is a dynamic organization that brings together to harness the power of youth  in our nation and channelize their efforts and energy towards becoming “THE  VOICE OF YOUNG INDIA.” - Started in 1996 as the Young Business Committee of CII, Young Indians was  launched in December 2002 as an integral part of CII - A grass roots organization that acts as a catalyst in Nation Building focusing on issues of Youth Leadership and Youth Social responsibility - An  organization  that  bridges  the  gap  between  students  and  young    business  leaders and professionals - The only organization in India that is represented and strategically present  on the best global youth forum to be the voice of India.

The Launch.

Welcome to Yi Kolkata, a non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering young Indians and fostering positive change throughout the country. Since our official launch on December 12, 2002, we have remained steadfast in our mission to provide opportunities for India's youth to make a meaningful impact. Through our various programs and initiatives, we strive to create a better future for all Indians.


About Yi in a nutshell.

1. An integral part of Confederation of Indian Industry (

3. Engages over 6000 direct members between the age of 21 to 45 years in 65 chapters across 24 States and 4 UTs in India

5. The 3 pillars of Yi include – Nation Building, Youth Leadership and Thought Leadership.


2. Works with 166 Institutions & 1240000 Students through its ‘Yuva’ network.

4. Yi is a founder member from India for G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance and Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs – Asia

6. Yi does around 4000 plus activities, projects and events a year impacting close to a  million people

7. Was formed in 2002 with an objective of creating a platform for young people in India  to contribute to nation building. Yi is a movement for Indian Youth to converge, lead,  co-create and influence India’s futur

Vision of Young Indians

Yi is a movement for Indian Youth to converge, lead, co-create and influence India’s future

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Welcome to the dynamic world of "Pillars of Young Indians," where we empower the youth through a multi-faceted approach towards personal and societal growth. Our organization stands on several pillars that form the foundation of our mission to shape the future leaders of India.

  • Youth Leadership

  • Nation Building

  • Thought Leadership

Yi Differentiators.

  • Focus on nation building & individual development

  • No entry barriers i.e. designation, size of organization, non- business  background etc

  • Works towards common causes of leadership and giving back to nation

  • CII parentage

  • Not an NGO but an enabler of change 

  • Secretariat

  • Code of Governance (Executive committee at chapter level, Governing  Council at National level and Core group at Advisory level)

  • Diversity : A mix of learning, giving back to society, students and farmers,  grass roots engagement, International Exposure and Networking with  peers.


Mountain Peak

Yi Today.

NMT (National Management Team) develops the Stakeholder Modules for strategic alignment with Yi Vision 2030  On ground activation by Yi Chapters

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Reviewing Reports at Desk


Where we will upload all the annual reports, vertical reports
Publications: We will upload all the newspaper articles




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All Hands In


Contact Us.


6 N S Road, Kolkata - 700001


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