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Accessibility means that people can do what they need to do in a similar amount of time and effort as someone that does not have a disability. 

It means that people are empowered, can be independent and will not be frustrated by something that is poorly designed or implemented. 

Disability is a public health issue and everyone is likely to face disability in some form in their life. Disability is a human rights issue as the disabled are discriminated and face many barriers. 

Disability is a developmental issue, as disability and poverty mutually reinforce each other. 

Key Activities 

  1. To enable a person with disability to become a member of Yi 

  2. Accessibility Summit to coincide with International day for people with disability (December) 

  3. Making Railways stations braille friendly. 

  4. Continue with Ramp it Up , a project that looks to create ramps to buildings such as restaurants & utility buildings to be accessible to those on a wheelchair.

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