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Today in India, 91% of the startups fail because of one major reason which is lack of innovation. 81% of the VCs feels that Indian startups lack innovation and unique business model. Yi Innovation team has taken this as a challenge and is committed to promote innovative mindset, solve the problem across the nation, and create impact towards the greater good. 

Vision 2030 For Yi innovation is that, “Yi fosters 10k Innovation lead Entrepreneurs by 2030.” 


To foster the culture of innovation across the country at all levels to achieve a sustainable development and prosperity. 

Towards achieving the above the following are proposed to the stakeholders


  • Masterclasses and Workshops on Innovation

  • Innovation Summits at the Chapter level Speaker sessions on Innovation

  • Hackathons for Yi Members and Non-members


  • Hackathons for YUVA members and non-members

  • Cross chapters Yuva meets on Innovation Speaker session on Innovation.

  • Workshops & Masterclasses on Innovation

  • Tie up, MOU signing and visits with Local incubation centers with Yuva & Non Yuva College


​14 ways to Engage Thalir Students: 

  • Assumption Busting 

  •  Brain Sketching

  • Brainstorming

  •  Concept mapping 

  • Exaggeration

  • FishBone 

  • Laddering

  • Kippling Questions 

  • Negative (or reverse) Brainstorming

  • Role Playing

  • Scamper

  • Post-Up

  • Story boarding

  • Reversal


  • Workshops on Innovations and supporting the people in identifying problems and help them to create a innovative solution to the problem.


1. IDS 2.O ( IMAGINE.DO.SHARE ) for Members & Yuva Members 

The aim is to promote a culture of thinking innovatively and create an impact with an actionable solution towards nation-building, Yi launched IDS aimed at promoting innovation and creating an impact with an actionable solution towards nation-building. 

Spread over 4-5 months IDS promoted innovation through actionable and impactful ideas aligned to Yi’s agenda on Climate Change, Accessibility, Road Safety, Agriculture, Rural Livelihood & Reimagining Education. 

IDS aimed at engaged youth in building solutions and creating a real impact.


2. Inter Chapter Rural Jugaad Competition.

 Indian villages are a hub of talented minds ready with innovative solutions for all the day to day problems. With the competition, Rural Jugaad, Yi aims to bring all these creative gems into the limelight. By giving a stage to rural inventions, we aim to empower both the villagers and the world. 

The jugaad to qualify must be efficient, sustainable & replicable. 

This is done in 2 stages – chapter level & national 

Each Entry has a video of the jugaad, a presentation showcasing how the jugaad helps ease the human efforts, a business model for the jugaad. 

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