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This is a new project that has been started in 2023 . COVID 19 has highlighted the need for health and the disparities.Yi as a young leaders organisation has the responsibility to focus on this if we are serious of our role of Nation Building.


The vertical would subsume the Gift an Organ vertical that was created to promote the concept of organ donation from the 2023. 

Can we do something in health as an organisation? 

Chapters across India have been engaging in some form of health related activity . this ranges from fitness events , to screening camps to even structured health verticals. 80% chapters have done at least 2 health related activities in the past. 

Operating Room

What can we expect? 

The Yi Health Plan for 2025 , puts a structure to the activities across Yi. This will help us learn , scale and sustain activities and also measure outcomes more systematically. 

The COVID pandemic has shown the importance of health and healthy living. It is important for Yi to become a Strong, Collective Voice for Sustainable Development. This can only be achieved by a wider participation in the “Healthy City” Movement combined with Capacity building through Sharing Best Practices 

Aim of the Vertical 

Promoting better health and well-being for all children and young people is critical for Yi's Vision of Nation Building . Yi would leverage it's CII Parentage, and its stakeholder focus through a blend of Awareness Building & Implementable Campaigns. 

Through this we look to achieve targets of Healthy India by 2030 by addressing the 'ABC' of health and wellness 
     A – Active Living 
     B – Bridging Health Inequity 
     C – Child & Adolescent Health 


Timelines for Yi Health 

This is indicative. We acknowledge that chapters are already involved in health activities, the expectations is for all activities listed to be completed by 2024 December


  • Formulation of Yi National Health Plan to 2025

  • Identification of Yi Health Members at GC & Chapter Level.

  • Signing off on Yi Commitment to Health document on World Health Day

  • Yi to be part of National & Regional Health Councils

  • Identify at least 1 activity / stakeholder

  • Yi Chapter leadership to meet National Health Mission head in city & have baseline index for health in your city.

  • Identify health partners 


  • Build on from activities in 2022  

  • Organ Donation ( Gift an Organ) to be part of Yi Health  

  • Engage with Health Department & Ministers to launch my healthy city initiative.  

  • Identify and covert at least one open space to be reclaimed as a park with public access.  

  • Conduct one Health Hackathon for an issue relevant to your chapter  

  • Identify one PHC to make it solar powered & have access to drinking water. Equip based on requirement.  

  • Expand activities for all stakeholders


Measure outcomes ​

  •  95% Yi members to pursue active living  

  • Not more than 1 student / class with abnormal BMI  

  • Innovations / Entrepreneurships with health focus with Yi support  

  • Number of people screened for cancer & other lifestyle diseases  

  • Number of PHC upgraded through Yi initiatives.  

  • Number of partners working with Yi on Healthy City  

  • Improvement on indices identified in 2022 as important for the city.  

  • Identify Students at risk for addiction & build a system for support & intervention

Expected Outcomes 

While activities could be picked form any of the 16 listed in the table at the end of the document, it would be important for leaders to continue to measure impact.  


  • 95% of members actively participating in fitness programs  

  • 90% of YUVA colleges and students covered through one of the initiatives  

  • Not more than 1 student / class with abnormal BMI  

  • Reduce incidence of preventable deaths through NCDs

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