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1. Most of the international engagements of Yi are done by Yi national in consultation with the CII's international desk and follows the necessary protocols. 2. Any chapter that is keen to do an international mission must write to the Yi national head for understanding the process of getting the CII international desk involved in the process. Usually, at the request of a chapter, Yi works in getting good participation from the other chapters as well, so that the international delegation truly has a national flavour. 3. There will be a delegate fee taken from the members of the mission to cover all the administrative costs involved in organizing the same and to cover the cost of the Yi EM's travel, stay, and local logistics in the country, lunches and any other incidental expenses. 4. The general agenda of such international missions would include factory visits, interaction with the Indian High Commissioner, meeting with Yi like organization in the country being visited, field visits, interaction with a business chamber of commerce (ideally the MoU partner of CII in that country) and sometime given for visits to places of cultural and tourism importance of the country. 5. The EM will be trained to handle the mission in terms of administration, planning, coordinating with the companies / embassies, stay and logistical arrangement. 6. A detailed post event report after the mission will be done by the EM incorporating pictures and feedback with Yi national for sharing with all members and CII's international desk 7. A personalized thank you letter / mail to be sent to the members who helped for the success of the mission. 8. Overseas delegations and external agencies often give gifts to Yi and these are handed over to the office Bearer chairing the meeting / event. These gifts are to be kept and displayed in the CII-Yi office. 9. No personal / company gift of/ from the office Bearer to be given to any delegate / delegation at any offical function / event 10. At the international level, Yi creates partnerships with international forums and organizations and these will be communicated to all members. 11. The members of the mission will be requested to stay in a common hotel for the convenience of coordination and logistics. The Yi EM will work out the best deal with the hotel that is recommended by the officers of the Indian Embassy or the CII's MoU partner in the country that will help Yi in getting this mission put together. 12. International engagements coming to Yi National through CII office or directly to Yi from the Ministries and Embassies shall be delivered with the support of the chapters. Such requests have very high importance put on by Yi national and it is expected that the chapters support such events in complete sincerity as these have long term relationships. It is requested that Yi Chapter Chair and Co-Chair personally be involved in executing the same. 13. The request for members to take part in important overseas delegations by Yi National needs to be given importance and requested that they take efforts to participate in the same. 14. For global excellence missions, there is no cap on the number of members in this mission, but around 20 would be a good number. 15. For the Yi delegations to summits hosted by organizations like the G20 YEA or CAYE-A, the National Chair of Yi in consultation with the National Vice Chair, the office bearers related to the international relations in the GC and the National Head of Yi would decide the composition of the same – and some of the criterions involved in coming to a conclusion in such cases would include the number permitted by the host country, the need for members from specific sectors and across all regions, some members who will also become speakers at the summit (if there is a request to this effect to Yi by the organizers), existing and potential leadership at chapters and national and invitees (like the Ministry official if required). 16. All International Missions must be conducted under the CII-Yi National (All India) banner, or in other words- No "Yi Chapter Specific International Missions" to be conducted. 17. There shall be maximum International Missions allowed in a year in addition to the plethora of International work and Missions in which Yi is already engaged, as part of the global alliances. 18. Yi National does not intend to limit the activities of any chapter or to dictate to Chapters what they should or should not be doing in terms of their membership engagement activities be it under Learning, Social or Special Initiatives. However, with regards to international missions and visits under the CII-Yi banner, a host of protocols get involved which makes the involvement of CII's International Desk and Yi National essential in the same. 19. All Chapters wishing to lead an international mission will be requested to submit their proposals for being the lead partner in conducting an international mission by a certain cut of date. 20. Yi National will evaluate the proposals and select the International Missions to be undertaken in a calendar year. The details which the Chapter must submit with its proposal and some basic expectations from the Chapter (which must be committed to) driving forward the mission are: 21. Primary evaluation and selection criteria of the country(s) 1.21.1. Firm interest levels across the Chapter Membership Perceived interest levels across the broader Yi Membership Level of connect the lead chapter has with strong learning resources at the proposed country of visit Level of connect CII has with strong learning resources at the proposed country of visit One should avoid missions to locations recently undertaken 22. A minimum of 15 Yi members must sign up and pay for the international mission and must be guaranteed by the chapter (so the Mission happens irrespective of the response from other Chapters). 23. Ideal Delegation Size: 30Members 24. The delegation shall typically allow for 50% Lead Chapter Members and 50% Members from across the country. 25. In case of a weaker response from Yi Members from across the country that results in availability of slots – the Lead Chapter is welcome to utilize these as well. Once the Mission has been approved and selected: 26. Yi National Secretariat gets involved along with the CII International Desk 27. The agenda evolves taking inputs from the chapter and the CII international desk. Yi national will play a substantial role here. 28. The date(s) of this mission will also depend on the CII calendar of international missions for the year and also Yi's National Calendar, and therefore, some flexibility of the date(s) should be accounted for. 29. Half the delegates will be from the chapter and an equal half from across all other Yi chapters – the lead chapter will market this event effectively within the larger Yi membership. 30. Yi National conducts the selection process of the non-lead chapter members. With regards to the members from the lead chapter, the Chapter Chair must announce the criteria of selection in advance to all the members and stick to the same. This will avoid any confusion within the chapter. 31. The agenda needs to be oriented 2/3rd towards Learning and Learning oriented experiences etc. in order for it to maintain its status as a “Learning or Global Excellence Mission”. 32. The Mission Lead will be selected by Yi National and the Mission Co-Lead will be a senior member of the lead chapter (normally Chapter Chair or Co Chair if they are traveling). 33. There are various protocols involved in an international mission and members should adhere to the same. 34. A clear 'do's and don’ts document related to the country of visit will also be shared with the members of the delegation and they are expected to follow the same. 35. It is highly recommended that all the members stay in the same hotel during the official days of the mission for ease of coordination – this hotel will be selected based on the inputs by the CII international desk and / or if any member has a certain connections. 36. There will be a member(s) of the national / chapter secretariat traveling along with the delegation as per standard practice. The cost of their travel, food and official expenses will be accounted into the mission. The number of EM's will depend on the total number of members in the delegation. 37. There will be a delegate fee for each member that is shortlisted to travel for the mission and all members to send the same a few weeks before the dates of the visit or by whatever cut off date is jointly set by the mission leaders. The delegate fees will cover all the official expenses of the mission (excluding the costs such as taxi's or local van's etc. that cannot be fixed or ascertained earlier and in such cases these expenses will be paid by all the members equally split each evening when the official meetings end). 38. The Mission Leaders must run the entire Mission in an extremely professional and structured manner and must plan the Finances and Communication in relation to the Mission such that there is no confusion or uncertainty in this regard whatsoever. 39. Cancellation Charges for those confirming for the mission and either not paying in time or failing to attend the mission at the last minute must be carefully worked out by the Mission Leaders and communicated to all concerned with appropriate notice. 40. There will be an equal split of profit from this mission between the chapter and Yi national. 41. The dress code for all meetings on international missions is usually business formals and members will be requested to adhere to the same 42. Delegates must ensure that they are present on time at all occasions and especially for social meetings. 43. Mementos received as a Group (not individual mementos and gifts) during overseas delegations by Yi are handed over to the Office Bearer chairing the meeting / event. These gifts are to be kept and displayed in the CII office. 44. No personal or company gift of / from office Bearer of any of the delegates to be given to anyone at any official function / event during the delegation. 45. Members must ensure that they are part of all the official meetings as part of the delegation. It has at times been observed in the past that a member has left the meetings half way during the day to engage in shopping or do sight- seeing, merely because they are not interested in the particular part of the agenda. Since the delegation is going under CII, Yi, such issues will be treated as a breach of Yi / CII's governance and will attract negative attention and appropriate action by Yi. 46. Whilst Networking is a key aspect and value add of an International Mission, delegates must ensure that they do not use the Mission or any of the events to promote either their businesses or products in any manner which would hurt the sanctity of the Mission and the interests of the organization or the other delegates. 47. The personal/ professional connections of members of the lead chapter in the proposed country, and most importantly the personal efforts and involvement of members of the lead chapter in organizing the Mission will be highly useful in addition to the work done by CII-Yi. Such division of work must be discussed before-hand in clear detail so that we do not end up duplicating work and can ensure that the Mission is planned out in the best possible manner.

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