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India has roughly about 76 million entrepreneurs . India is no 3 in startup eco system globally next to us & china (by number of start-ups). 


The entrepreneurship team over the years has worked on various activities to enhance awareness & engage with entrepreneurs both at the national and the chapter level.  

Why entrepreneurship ?

  • To become an enhanced & empowered human being 

  • For a fitter nation at large. 


National Initiatives for Entrepreneurship 

  • Stanford Seed Spark Program (Paid Program) 

  • Competitiveness Development And Manufacturing Acceleration Program For Yi MSME Members Through CII-Centre Of Excellence For Competitiveness For SMEs 

  • Stanford Seed Transformation Program* (Paid Program) 

  • CII-Centre Of Excellence For Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups (CIES) to engage on topics such as ; Master Classes, Mentorship Programs, Corporate Accelerators, Capacity Building With Govt Etc 

  • Entrepreneurship Week-is a week long campaign run across the country to promote entrepreneurship. 

Key drivers facilitating entrepreneurship/ startups at chapter level: 

1. Corporate Connect – Finance/ Mentorship / Technology 

2. Govt Support – Startup Policies/ Grant /Infra 

3. Peer To Peer Learning – Yibs/ Member Video Interviews


Yibs (Young Indians Business Solutions) will be an extension of inner circle which is peer to peer learning Coffee/Day with CEO Entrepreneurship workshops / residential programs Institute tie ups Industry visits Business conclaves


An approach towards effective employability Partnerships between employers and education institutions, which are valuable in promoting work related learning and in improving the quality and quantity of such experiences


Learning session with teenpreneurs Kids carnival (theme entrepreneurship) Branding expo / product promotion competition among kids Ad contest


Identifying & mentoring budding street businesses

Young Indians Business Solutions (YiBS) 

This is a member focussed initaitve with a mission of “Practical, Peer to Peer learning culminating into Prosperous businesses.” 

It has a Vision , “To create a platform which fosters flow of business learnings from peers in the network to help in mutual growth. A platform where members can bounce off their business problems and crowd source the solutions based on the rich experience of the peers.” 


Context for YiBS :


The Yi community is rich with members diversity in  

  • Geography – 57 chapters across India  

  • Thoughts – Aggressive or passive or balanced  

  • Experience – 2 years to those with 20 years. 


Given the above diversity and the inclusive ethos of the organisation there is abundance of business learnings which members have picked up during their journey. This platform enables sharing of these business learning with other members that not only help’s the peers but also helps the person showcase their business acumen and innovations. 


The underlying theme of YiBs is not to act as a pure networking platform, but act as an enabler to solve peer problems based on own learning, that may result into showcasing one’s business acumen and contributing to their own growth (professionally and personally). 

Structure of YiBS 

  1. Entrepreneurship Chair is responsible for conducting the affairs of the YiBs meetings in coordination with chapter Leadership.

  2. Case study analysis – a case study to be sourced either from the members or from any institution , to be evaluated during the course of YiBs session . Members to be divided in a group of 4 to 6 to evaluate the case for 30 minutes and then present their analysis to the house.( Duration 60 minutes) 

  3. Peer to Peer Learning- 2 members to be given a time slot of 3-5 minutes each to talk about an attribute of their business that can be beneficial for the members. ( Duration 15 minutes) 

  4. Awareness session by a trainer on an issue valuable to industry and member base (Duration 40 minutes). 

DO’s of YiBS

  • Clearly establish the context of the event

  • Highlight the possible outcomes 
    • Learning
    • Sharing your experiences 
    • May result into networking

  • Be punctual and start on time 

  • May culminate over lunch or dinner to provide ample opportunity to network

  • Create teams for enabling cohorts with the ultimate objective of turning them into an inner circle 

Dont’s of YiBS

  • Avoid any specific company sales pitch

  • Avoid
    • Avoid direct business pitches 
    • Aggressive sales of ones product or services should be discouraged.

  • Shabby or casual dressing 

  • Not make it exclusive based on industry, turnover or any other parameter

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