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  1.  New Members eligibility age is between 21 – 40 years. Existing members can renew their membership till they reach 45 years of age, with the cut-off date as 31 December.​

  2. Past chapter chairs who have crossed 45 will be a part of Executive Committee only as 'invitees' and not as members and therefore not subjected to the payment of any membership fee.

  3. There is an annual membership subscription which needs to be renewed by every member each year. The membership subscription categories and rules are issued by Yi National Membership team every December and renewals commence from January of the following year.
    Please refer to the Yi website for all the details on membership.
    Chapters are allowed to have special invitees as “honorary members”.

    • ​These members should be in the Yi age group.

    • This may be a sports person, celebrity, a civil servant or an NGO worker, basically an influencing personality in his or her career.

    • Total number of special invitees will not exceed 10% of the total number of members in the chapter.

    • Special Invitees would need to be approved at one of the EC meetings and would not pay any membership subscription.

    • A Chapter past Chairs / Retired Members / Members who have not renewed cannot be taken on as Honorary Members.

    • Chapter Leadership is required to share the list of suggested Honorary Members with the Regional Chair and can be invited once inputs are shared by the Regional Chair

  4. Membership applications must be recommended / seconded by an existing Yi member. Preference may be given to an applicant whose organization is a member of CII and has / had a working relationship with the CII in the years before in the city or elsewhere. Chapter must ensure diversity in membership with regards to gender, ethnicity and profession.

  5. A person cannot join back the membership until he/she will pay the previous outstanding subscription and a cooling off period of minimum 2 years have lapsed from the date of resignation/surrender. This would be subject to the majority of the EC of the chapter approving.

  6. Chapters can undertake a survey at the beginning of the year to understand the interest of members in specific areas / verticals and use that as a base to create a stronger base of interested members under each focus area / vertical. This will also help to build diversity in the membership.

  7. Yi members can transfer their membership from one Chapter to another; the Chapter Secretariat and National Yi secretariat will coordinate this.

  1. Once an expression of interest or enquiry from a potential member is received through the Yi website (Join Yi) or members, invite him/ her for a Yi meeting where they can be taken through an orientation

    • ​The meeting to include - Yi’s Core Values, Genesis of Yi, The Chapters Legacy and introduce them to the members present, talk about the program and give them an opportunity to introduce themselves on their background, the reason to join Yi and their willingness to contribute to Yi 

    • The Chapter Chair or Cochair and the Membership team with the mentor could be part of the team interacting

    • The members of the steering committee could be invited to encourage applicants to understand the ethos of the organization

  2.  After this meeting, the Chapter Leadership, and Chapter EM can discuss the profile of the prospect along with the Chapter membership team, if the prospect is aligning to the vision of Yi, the chapter EM can handover the Yi Membership form and inform him/ her to complete other formalities.


  3. After the filled-in Membership form is received along with payment. A meeting (digital / physical) is scheduled with the new member by the Co-chair with the Membership Chair and the EM informing him/ her about each of the Yi activities and initiatives and setting expectations on either side.

  4. After the successful orientation session, the member gets a welcome email from Chapter Chair/Co- chair.

  5. YI membership subscription fees to be taken only via Chapter Glue –up account.

  6. Chapter EM to share the invoice and receipt of the membership subscription to members.


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